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Rosehip Hybrid Hydrosol

Rosehip Hybrid Hydrosol

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Rosehip Hydrosol is perfect for skin that is easily irritated and reactive, slow healing and damaged from  harsh products or environmental influences. 

Rosehip Hydrosol is made through hydro-distillation, it contains potent and active ingredients to deliver performance but is gentle and non-irritating. This bottle of magic gives your skin soothing, brightening, hydrating and healing properties from just one spray. It is so refreshing for your skin and soaks in without leaving any kind of residue or oily feeling. 



Rosehips, Distilled Water, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract, Sodium Benzoate

Rosehip is the main ingredient, and it makes up the majority of the scent profile for this hydrosol. Rosehips are high in vitamin C and are also powerful inflammation modulators, Rosehips tighten and tone tissues as well as soothe and protect tissues. 

Calendula extract is a concentrated extraction made from calendula flowers and has been included for its super healing properties. Chamomile extract has been included for it soothing and calming properties. 


Suitable for any skin type, but especially dehydrated, barrier impaired and sensitive skin.


How to use:

Mist over your face or hair until damp follow with your moisturizer of choice to lock in the beneficial extracts and hydration.


Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


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