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Sleep Juice Tea

Sleep Juice Tea

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This tea feels like your nervous system taking a big sigh and unwinding. With nervine and sedating herbs it is great for getting your body relaxed and ready for deep sleep. Also helpful where anxiety and nervousness is present. 

Note- In a small percentage of people Valerian can have a stimulating effect, to see if this is you try ordering a small tester first and get in touch so we can make you a blend for sleep that omits Valerian. 



Valerian:  Valerian is widely used for nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, cramps and headaches. It is a nervine which supports rest for the nervous system when it is under stress, it helps with pain and muscle spasms and brings about relaxation.

Passionflower: A calming, soothing, grounding herb, passionflower is medicine for the soul. Its winding tendrils represent its ability to support us in the midst of looping thoughts. Passionflower is known as a heart-calming herb in the sense of the emotional heart or “shen.” In traditional Chinese medicine, Passionflower addresses ascending Liver Yang or “Liver Yang Rising,” which can rush upward and disrupt the heart, causing unsettled feelings and a sense of disconnect.

Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm is as beneficial to digestive disorders as it is helpful to conditions involving the nerves. Traditional uses include migraines, headaches, stomach cramps, urinary infections, feverishness in children, shingles, vaccine reactions and sleeplessness. Deemed as “one of natures best nervine herbs,” Lemon Balm works to help calm and rejuvenate the nervous system.


How to use:

Seep 1 heaped teaspoon for 10mins in hot water before bed, sip and enjoy!

Sometimes this dose needs to be repeated twice, an hour or so before bed, and then just before sleep, to get the maximum effect and to help create a quick 'shift' in a stuck pattern of insomnia.


Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


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