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Uplift Hydrosol

Uplift Hydrosol

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100ml/ 4oz

A beautiful uplifting hydrosol made of spearmint and rosemary.

This hydrosol is perfect kept in the fridge and spritzed over your hair and face on a hot day, it is hydrating, soothing and fresh. 

As a spray for your hair and scalp it will sooth irritation and bring balance to oil production. It leaves your hair feeling soft. The astringent properties of rosemary help to promote blood flow to the scalp which can encourage hair growth whilst the spearmint helps to regulate bacterial and fungal overgrowth. 

Hydrosols can be used for so many purposes and are gentle enough to be used on the whole family. 


Distilled water, fresh rosemary, dried spearmint.


How to use:

Mist over your hair and/or face until damp. Let it naturally dry. To lock in hydration, follow these steps and then apply your favorite moisturizer. 

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


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