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‘I’m a Mum’ Homeopathic Kit

‘I’m a Mum’ Homeopathic Kit

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The ‘I’m a mum’ homeopathic kit contains key remedies to get you through those ever present parenting moments, the times when a fever or pain come on in the middle of the night or in true kid style a bump to the head or an injury at the playground occurs. 
It’s the perfect kit to have in your handbag so you’re always prepared. With the most convenient containers for dispensing you won’t have to worry about pills flying all over the place, so easy you can do it in the dark in the middle of the night without skipping a beat. 
Another perk of homeopathic pills is their appeal to small children, you definitely wont have to fight or disguise them to get your child to take some. 

Kit contains:

Ana’s barb, Arsenicum, Arnica and Pain and Fever Complex. 


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